Believe it or not one of the main factors that leaves a lasting impact on the look of a kitchen are the worktops.

The surface area of your kitchen cabinets matter a lot, and the type of material you choose for them should strike the right balance between practicality and aesthetic value.

Obviously over time it is normal for the kitchen worktop to look a bit worse for wear, especially if it is not the kind of material that can be considered to be durable and long lasting.

Therefore you may wish to upgrade your kitchen with worktop overlays.

A Typical Quartz Overlay. Image rights: Ureno

Granite and quartz top the list as the best worktop materials you can opt for in a kitchen.

They are both pleasing to the eye, and have the benefit of durability and a long lasting appeal.

They both come in different thicknesses, and can be cut according to the existing countertop dimensions and fitted nicely over them.

The benefit of this is that it is a process which is neither messy nor overly complicated, apart from the fact that granite especially can be very heavy.

However considering that you will not need to go through extreme cleanups the installation is quite simple and far less destructive.

It is best to have ask an interior designer or specialist to measure your kitchen countertops and check if the worktop overlay process can be carried out.

The designer will suggest the materials that you could opt for and the styles which will best satisfy your preferences and your kitchen style.

It is important to take into consideration aspects such as the type of maintenance required for certain materials, and whether they are crack, heat and stain resistant.

Also, since in a kitchen it is normal to use sharp objects such as knives, it is important to take into account whether the material chosen for your new countertop is scratch resistant.

A Typical Kitchen Countertop Template. Image rights: Topco Distributing

Next, a template of your kitchen will be created to determine the shape of the countertop, so as to list the measurements as well as the material chosen.

A contract will then be drawn up and signed to ensure that everybody is on the same terms with regards to the project.

As soon as the design template is complete, the new countertop will be fabricated according to the measurements taken.

When the countertops are ready, you’ll then move on to the installation phase.

The countertops will be set in place, and they will be bonded to the old countertops.

This process is carried out very carefully to ensure a seamless installation and a neat result.

When you opt to upgrade your kitchen with worktop overlays you will not be spending time or money on demolition and the installation is really straightforward as long as it is carried out by experienced people.

Overlaying your current work surfaces with new worktops is definitely a reasonable and more affordable option for those who would like to give a new look to their kitchen without breaking the bank.

Combining this with new replacement doors is a common way of getting one of the most impressive kitchen makeovers you can on a tight budget.

And that’s all there really is to it!

A simple countertop overlay can really make a different to the look and age of a kitchen design.

It’s far better than many who decide moving homes is the only alternative.

As nowadays, the general consensus of opinion is improving is far better than moving.

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