The Now TV Box is one of the most popular set top boxes on the UK market. However, as with any other set top boxes, you might encounter some problems from time to time.

Besides the typical nagging of having to fix error code 014 messages, you might have reached a point where you just cannot take it anymore. When there seems to be persistent issues, it may be best to perform a hard factory reset on your Now TV Box to prevent repeat occurences. By doing this you will most probably be able to fix such issues. However, bear in mind that this should only be done as a last resort, because when you perform a hard factory reset you would be making the box return to its original factory settings.

Now TV First Run Screen. Image credit: Recombu

So, since these will be the default settings you would have certain details and preferences deleted. These include your local Wi-Fi network settings, your Now TV account access details and other important settings which would need to be set up all over again. So, make sure you have all of these details noted down as you will need to use them later when you reconfigure your set top box.

So, before proceeding to explain how to carry out a hard factory reset on your Now TV box, please bear in mind that you should not perform this unless you are totally sure that you will then be able to reconfigure the box properly during the initial set-up after rebooting it.

New Now TV Smart Box. Image credit: Geeky Gadgets

Guidelines to perform the hard factory reset on a Now TV Smart box:

  1. Switch on the Now TV box and your TV so as to see the Now TV interface.
  2. Go to Settings and from the menu select the option marked ‘System’.
  3. Then, select ‘Advanced System Settings’
  4. Afterwards, choose the option for Factory reset.
  5. At this point you will be given a 4 digit code. This code will need to be entered. You will be presented with the onscreen keypad so as to enter this code using your remote control.
  6. As soon as this code has been entered the set top box will reset to its factory default settings.

Guidelines to perform the hard factory reset on a Now TV standards box (black or white):

  1. Switch on your Now TV set top box and your TV.
  2. While you are seeing the Now TV interface displayed on the screen, press a pin or a straightened paper clip into the ‘Reset’ hole that you will find on the back of your Now TV box.
  3. Hold it inside the hole for about 30 seconds.
  4. The set top box will reset to its factory default settings afterwards.

Once the hard factory reset is completed, you will then need to perform the initial set up before you will be able to start using it again.