Hire the Right Family Lawyer First Time

Choosing a good divorce lawyer is critical for the outcome of your case. It also has a considerable impact on the way the case progresses, and how you feel about the process the whole time. As soon as the divorce case starts to be dealt with there are going to be a lot of issues to handle, and these will lead to a lot of emotional stress, as well as expenses. It can also have a massively negative effect on children.

Divorce can Negatively Impact Children in a Big Way. Image credit: Huffington Post

There are many people who ended up changing their divorce lawyer during the case, either because they felt that he/she was not handling it well, or because they were not feeling at ease with him/her. This ends up leading to even more hassle and stress. Therefore, it is best to hire a good divorce lawyer from the start.

But how can you make sure that you are making the right choice. There are so many divorce lawyers out there! How can you assure yourself that you are picking the right one? Let us try to make the selection process a bit easier, while improving your chances of making a good choice in the end.

The Average Divorce Will Cost Tens of Thousands. Image credit: Barbara Behren

  1. Starting a divorce case will involve a lot of contemplation. You will have been considering this for a long time most probably. Therefore before you start, why don’t you meet up with some divorce lawyers so as to discuss what is troubling you first? Mediation may be a good solution and it may solve your problems with your spouse in an easier and more amicable manner. Discussing your case with a divorce lawyer will not only help you understand where you stand legally, but it will also give you a clearer idea as to how you feel with that particular lawyer. Feeling at ease and managing to communicate well are important factors to bear in mind when choosing a divorce lawyer.
  2. Ask your friends, relatives and colleagues for referrals. Most likely you know more than one person who has been through a divorce, and so you will be able to avail of their experience. They will be able to recommend a lawyer, or advise you to stay away from a lawyer with whom they did not have such a good experience. It is also a good idea to do some background research and look up reviews online. This information will allow you to make a well informed decision, and most likely, a good choice.
  3. In your lawyer-client relationship it is imperative that you feel comfortable. You do not want a lawyer who has very limited time allocated to each client, or one who is almost always on the phone.
  4. There are evidently going to be costs associated with filing for divorce and having a lawyer handle your case. Before selecting your divorce lawyer you need to be aware of the approximate costs involved, and you will need to identify your budget. there are often considerable variations in the fees charged by one lawyer and another. Some divorce lawyers will bill for their service on an hourly basis, while others will set a fixed fee. Needless to say, more experienced and well established lawyers will charge higher fees. Even though it is important that you choose an experienced lawyer, you need to make a rational choice. You cannot afford breaking the bank to pay the lawyer’s fees, when there could be another good lawyer who charges more reasonable fees. So, try to be rational and strike a good balance between the two.
  5. Do not expect your lawyer to act as your therapist or psychologist. It is a good idea to hire a lawyer who is understanding and sympathetic, but he/she will need to focus on legal matters, not emotional ones.
  6. Divorce cases generally revolve around two main aspects – dividing the assets between you and your partner, and, when there are kids, you will need to resolve child-related issues. Make sure that the lawyer you hire is experienced in family law matters, so that he/she will be able to handle these two demanding areas well. In cases where there is harassment or domestic violence involved, it is imperative to find a divorce lawyer who has considerable experience in such matters specifically. Choose a divorce lawyer who has the knowledge and skills required to help you achieve the outcome you are trying to achieve at the end of your case. If you know that you will most probably not manage to reach an amicable compromise with your spouse, then you need a divorce lawyer who has considerable experience in the court as you will most likely go through a trial. If you have young children you will need to place more emphasis on finding a divorce lawyer who is able to help you in case there are going to be spiteful child custody or child access arrangements.

Remember that the divorce solicitor you choose will have a considerable effect on your case’s progress, and its aftermath, and divorce cases generally go on for a long time. So making the right choice is critical.