When it comes to the different formats of exhibition design it seems that this world is changing and new elements are being used to help gain attention and build better sales conversations. Within this article, you will learn of four unique methods you can use to capitalise on the potential to gain attention and promote brand recognition to your target audience at trade shows and other areas where you will be using an exhibition stand. When it comes to setting yourself apart as a business and a brand from the crowd and to create a compelling presence, you will want to integrate technology to maximise the number of leads generated at exhibitions without having to maximise the usage of an on-stand sales team. By continuing to read this you will discover different examples for exhibition stands that include things like video, iPads, virtual reality, holographs, touch screens and other technologies that improve the presence and impact of your exhibition stand design.

Impressive Colourful Exhibition Stand

The following four suggestions can improve your overall branding and marketing power and will help keep you at the leading edge of your competition. If you do not yet fully understand the ability and benefits of exhibition stand technology, pay attention to the following techniques. These are being used by the top marketing firms and companies to bring about a much greater branding effect and to increase customer engagement as well as capturing leads. If you want to maximise the usefulness of exhibition stand marketing then follow this list of suggestions and brainstorm ideas that can work for your own brand or marketing needs.

1. Gain attention, create desire & engage customers

Using the latest technology can help you to bring about a larger buzz around your stand. You want to be remembered and using the best technology will make your stand the centre of attention at an exhibition and will provide a much needed long lasting and positive impression for your brand. You can also use technology to capture leads as well as visitor data and other information. Your options when utilising technology are really only limited by your imagination and budget. Using things such as interactive screens, walls and flooring, as well as motion sensor technology, can capture the attention of customers and connect them with your brand. You can also utilise location-based tools to engage with visitors. You can do such things as send offers and promotions to customers on their smartphones as just one small example of what you can do.

2. Use technology to increase brand connection

Using technology like leaderboards and apps can easily improve the exhibition experience and deliver a greater impact. You can create an engaging stand and use technology to collect important digital data and customer information. When you choose to invest in exhibition technology you can have your sales team focus on speaking with visitors while the tech aspect can provide detailed statistics and information you can use for future events. You can do things like capture names and emails of your visitors, phone numbers, social media information too. We are in a much more socially connected world and utilising the latest technology can help make a greater impact on your return on investment with exhibition stand marketing.

3. Create a better visitor experience with technology

Embracing technology such as apps and digital touch points can give your attendees different sales and marketing information without having to carry it around with them. You can use digital technology to collect data about visitors including capturing leads and to help increase communication between the brand and visitors before, during and even after the show has taken place.

4. Simplify your return on investment calculations

Being able to find out the actual success of your trade exhibit is not the easiest task. Sales will typically be sparked the day of the event but won’t take effect until later in time. With technology, it allows you the ability to measure engagement, capture analytics and provide the opportunity to follow-up and target visitors and leads which is integral to discovering your return on investment.

Exhibition visitors want an engaging experience that is entirely unique and is memorable. Using technology as a backbone of your trade exhibit is important. Being able to engage your visitor on different sensory levels and engaging their emotions is important for branding and making an impact. Technology can play a big part of the success of your exhibit so be sure to integrate it into your strategy.